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Resources for the Holy Face Devotion

Holy Face Devotion

33 AD, The Passion of Our Lord  – “As Our Lord carries His Cross to Calvary, man and wood fall to the ground. A woman named Berenicia (now known as St. Veronica) courageously pushes through the soldiers and crowd to reach Jesus. She falls on her knees before Him and presents her veil. Jesus takes the veil, wipes His bleeding face, and returns it with gratitude. After Berenicia escapes the chaos of the crowd, she looks at her veil to see that miraculously, Our Lord has left an image of His Face on the veil. It is only afterward that Berenicia is known by the name of Veronica, which name is given from the words VERA ICON, meaning “true portrait”, to commemorate her bravery.

Veronica later passes the relic of the veil to Clement I (the 3rd successor of St. Peter). The Holy Veil is hidden away in the catacombs for the next 3 centuries during the persecutions of the Church. The Holy Veil is finally placed in the church that was constructed over the tomb of St. Peter, which is now the Basilica of St. Peter. Throughout the centuries, Veronica’s Holy Veil has remained there where it is protected and venerated to this day.”

This is the website of Mary Jane Zuzolo. She is the great-great-great niece of Sister Marie de Saint-Pierre. Mary Jane Zuzolo wrote the forward to Fr. Carney’s book:
The Secret of the Holy Face


The League of St. Martin has a devotion to the Holy Face and offers prayers in reparation for the sins which offend God most in these modern times—the sins of Blasphemy and the Profanation of Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation. Fr. Lawrence Daniel Carney III

Here is the original Manual of the Archconfraternity of the Holy Face published in 1887:

This is an interview with Fr. Carney, the author of the book: The Secret of the Holy Face. The interview is conducted by the publisher of the book, Tan Books.

The Holy Face Adoration website is hosted by author Vicki Schreiner. It states a mission “to share the message of the Holy Face Devotion as Our Lord Jesus Christ requested through His Divine Revelations to Sr. Mary of St. Peter; to open hearts to a deeper understanding of this beautiful Devotion through its prayers and promises; and to enlighten all God’s children of Our Lord’s desire that we show reparation of sin through Adoration and Devotion to His Holy Face.”

Heaven Sent Remedies

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Fr. Altier’s new book now available!

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Fr. Altier’s Daily Homilies (Audio)

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Beauty, Truth, Goodness: the Fundamentals of Catholicism

Catholic Parents OnLine is excited that EWTN will be airing episodes of our popular series Beauty, Truth, Goodness: the Fundamentals of Catholicism by Fr. Robert Altier. (View the trailer below.)

The DVD video and MP3 audio series are both a comprehensive explanation of the basic elements of the Catholic Faith presented in 60 half hour lectures. The purpose of the series is to teach and guide Catholics so they can know and love the fullness of truth as revealed by God and taught by the Church.

The Fundamentals of Catholicism classes are very familiar to local Catholics in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. The classes have been taught in person by Father Robert Altier for over 30 years and have resulted in bringing hundreds of converts into the Catholic Church and helping Catholics have a deeper understanding of their faith. Because of the depth and broad range of topics covered, the program is a very useful tool for RCIA programs.

There is a dire need for catechesis in the Church today, and this new DVD series does an excellent job of presenting authentic Church teaching in an engaging way. Our goal is to have every parish in every archdiocese across the country using these DVDs. They are ideal for families to have a copy in their home, too. Parents can use the lectures to help deepen their understanding of the faith, or make it a family affair and have the older children watch it together.”

-Colleen Perfect, President of Catholic Parents OnLine

The mission of Catholic Parents OnLine is to ensure authentic teaching and protection of the Catholic Faith and to address issues that undermine the Catholic Faith and morals – through online and media. For more information or to order your copy of the series visit www.beautytruthgoodness.com or email info@catholicparents.org.

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A Parent’s Guide: Teaching the Truth & Meaning of Human Sexuality. FEATURED ON EWTN!

A Parent’s Guide is a dynamic, one hour video produced by Catholic Parents OnLine featuring parents, grandparents, educators, and members of the clergy and medical profession as they share their experiences living out the Church’s teaching in the 21st century.

Click the video below to see a short trailer of the documentary.

This video is based on the 1995 document by the Pontifical Council for the Family The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality – Guidelines for Education within the Family.

This video is also available in Spanish: El Verdadero Significado de la Sexualidad Humana.

To order your 58:30 minute DVD of “A Parent’s Guide: Teaching the Truth & Meaning of Human Sexuality” you can make the suggested donation of $10.00 (per DVD) by clicking here.  Or for the 58:30 minute DVD of “El Verdadero Significado de la Sexualidad Humana” El donativo sugerido: $8,00 (vista previa) click here.

BY MAIL: Please include name of DVD and send appropriate donation to: Catholic Parents OnLine, PO Box 130815, St. Paul, MN, 55113

For larger quantities there may be a reduced suggested donation – please call 651-705-5409 or email info@catholicparents.org for more information.

“If parents are given confidence in this task of education for love, they will be inspired to overcome the challenges and problems of our times by their own ministry of love.” 149. Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality

“This video does not attempt to teach sex education nor does it attempt to bypass the parents or take their place, rather it is an attempt to provide a context and some confidence to parents as they strive to educate their children.” Fr. Robert Altier

“I have had the opportunity to view A Parent’s Guide: Teaching the Truth & Meaning of Human Sexuality and found it to be most delightful. The down to earth program provides some very solid and faith-filled examples of how to bring the message of the beauty of God’s gift of fertility to children and teens. The program fully respects family foundations, the innocence of youth, modesty and the teachings of the Church in proposing a method for raising children to appreciate sexuality and fertility. I trust that parents seeking a greater degree of comfort in discussing sometimes difficult material with their children will find here joy, tranquility and confidence.” Most Reverend Robert Vasa, D.D. Bishop of Baker, Oregon