The Baltimore Catechism Series

Catholic Parents OnLine begins a new series that will continue on at least a monthly basis.  We will be highlighting a portion of the Baltimore Catechism beginning at the beginning and proceeding to the end.  Hopefully, when this column is complete, the entire Catechism will be available to our readers.  They will have the opportunity to go back at anytime to check on a particular question.  This series is our attempt to present with clarity to parents and their children the authentic teaching of the Roman Catholic Church when so much confusion has been sown by individuals, some of whom are within the Church itself.

It is our sincere hope that these truths of the Catholic Church will help everyone to accomplish the first of our very important duties – to know God.

The installments are listed below. Click the part you wish to read.

1Lesson First on the End of Man, Who Made the World? (updated 4/29)

Is CRT In Minnesota’s Catholic Schools?

If you send your kids to a Catholic school, you might think that they are protected from the Critical Race Theory indoctrination taking place in many public schools today. Sadly, Catholic schools are not immune from going ‘woke‘, as one concerned Catholic mother related in a recent story about her child’s school.


Critical Race Theory (CRT) contends that America’s legal, economic, and political systems are inextricably racist. It asserts that all non-whites are victims of racism, even when it is not apparent, and that even legal advances against racism, even those during the 1960s civil rights movement, ultimately protect a system that benefits whites. CRT states that in order to right this wrong, all current dominant societal norms and structures must be dismantled.

CRT has its roots in the early 20th Century thought of neo-Marxist Antonio Gramsci, founder of the Italian Communist Party. His desire was to spur on the stalled communism of 19th Century social revolutionists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels toward an overthrow of the “bourgeoisie” (ruling middle- and upper-class) by the proletariat (working-class). But its current use in our education system seeks to revise history and prioritize group identity over individual rights.


Our Catholic worldview is based on the inherent dignity of all people, together with their universal call to holiness and salvation in Jesus Christ. This worldview has no room for unjust discrimination. In Catholic education, all men and women and people of all nationalities, races, and creeds are treated with their inherent dignity as children of God. Catholic education seeks to overcome division, not to create it. CRT conflicts with Catholic philosophy because it seeks to divide people. It is inherently racist and has no business being included in a Catholic school’s curriculum.


Concerned parents across the nation have been fighting to have CRT removed from their schools. Some states have even enacted legislation to ban CRT from all public schools.

All of this bad publicity, however, is not necessarily making CRT go away. Often times, it simply goes underground, being disguised with different names such as “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” and “Social Emotional Learning.” Bottom line, parents must become much more savvy and diligent in spotting CRT in their schools’ educational programs. A variety of resources have been made available through the Manhattan Institute to assist parents in this effort.


A cursory review of websites for some of Minnesota’s Catholic schools has revealed that a number of schools have adopted “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” programs that likely have elements of CRT included in their curricula.  Website excerpts are provide at the end of this column from the following schools: Academy of Holy Angels, Benilde-St. Margaret, Cretin Derham Hall, Cristo Rey, Totino-Grace and Visitation School.

As an example, Benilde-St. Margaret teachers have committed to learning “anti-racist teaching strategies.” The school’s student newspaper has published an article stating that social justice is “a key part of Catholic education.” For the 2021-22 academic year, the prep school added a “social justice Algebra II class” to the curriculum.


Parents cannot assume their children are not being exposed to CRT just because they attend a Catholic school. They must become much more involved by reviewing their school’s educational programs and curricula. Don’t be afraid to confront your school’s administrators if you suspect CRT has infiltrated your school. Contact your school’s headmaster to schedule a discussion. You should also reach-out to Dr. Jason Slattery, Director of Catholic Education for the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. He can be reached at 651.291.4494 or at slatteryj@archspm.org.

Consider the example set by two Catholic parents in Florida who sued their Catholic school to rescind a $1.35 million gift after discovering students were being indoctrinated in CRT. Parents must be courageous and make their voices heard. After all, its our children’s immortal souls that hang in the balance.

Minnesota Catholic School Examples

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