A Thank You From Russia

Dear Mrs. Perfect and CPO Board members,

At long last I am writing to thank you for the generous gift of the CD’s of Father Altier’s “Series on Marriage” and “Beauty, Truth, Goodness: The Fundamentals of Catholicism.  Our Sisters in Jesus the Lord brought them back to Vladivostok when I was away for my annual two-month fundraising trip to the US; when I returned in September I was named pastor of our main parish; we had three large celebrations of the100th anniversary of the first consecration of our former cathedral church in Vladivostok – with bishops, Polish presidential envoys, ambassador and consul generals, etc.  Now it is close to Christmas, and although it is busy, we are not nearly as busy here as it is in the US.     

I keep promising myself to open and begin “Beauty, Truth and Goodness…” but something also takes up my time.  But Fr. Altier’s Series on Marriage is my most favorite series for marriage preparation.  My cassette tapes of his talks are no long playable, so these CDs are just what I need.     

Please greet Fr. Altier for me when you talk to him. It has been many years since we saw each other last, but I remember him and his inspired and inspiring ministry with awe!     

I am thankful to God for your dedication to promoting and helping Catholic families.  May He richly reward you with the deep and abiding consolation of His grace and with the spreading of His gospel of faithful and generous married love.  With faithful, active, generous Catholic parents like you, the Lord is blessing countless people, who would otherwise be overwhelmed by the powers of darkness, which He sent His Only-begotten Son to overcome.     

Best wishes for a holy and joy-filled Christmas and a Happy New Year!         

Sincerely yours in Christ,             

Fr. Daniel Maurer, CJD, Pastor               
Most Holy Mother of God Roman Catholic Church               
Vladivostok, Russia