Eye on Education

The State of Catholic Schooling

Dear Parents, Do you have children enrolled in Catholic or private schools? Do you home school? If so, the following ...
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Bishop: Catholics Should Abstain from Yoga

Yoga's background is much more complicated than simple exercise ...
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Harry Potter and the Paganization of Childrens Culture

Even the most cursory glance at what is available in children's literature and entertainment offers ample evidence that the paganization ...
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It’s no secret that many Catholic schools are experiencing a loss of traditional Catholic identity, a weakening of academic standards, ...
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C.S. Lewis Explains How Governments Create ‘Tame Human Animals’

“The modern State exists not to protect our rights but to do us good or make us good – anyway, ...
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How Public Schools Have Changed

by Phyllis Schlafly Eagle Forum Aug. 17, 2005 Parents are on the warpath about the way 63,000 public schools are ...
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Catechisms & Big Business

There is some controversy surrounding the recent purchase of Saxon Math by Harcourt since Harcourt is a supporter of Planned ...
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Religious Education, “Sex Education” & Reviews

  • To read words of praise for the "Faith and Life" Series ...
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