The Baltimore Catechism Series

Catholic Parents OnLine begins a new series that will continue on at least a monthly basis.  We will be highlighting a portion of the Baltimore Catechism beginning at the beginning and proceeding to the end.  Hopefully, when this column is complete, the entire Catechism will be available to our readers.  They will have the opportunity to go back at anytime to check on a particular question.  This series is our attempt to present with clarity to parents and their children the authentic teaching of the Roman Catholic Church when so much confusion has been sown by individuals, some of whom are within the Church itself.

It is our sincere hope that these truths of the Catholic Church will help everyone to accomplish the first of our very important duties – to know God.

The installments are listed below. Click the part you wish to read.

1Lesson First on the End of Man, Who Made the World?
2Lesson Second on God and His Perfections
3Lesson Third on the Unity and Trinity of God
4Lesson Fourth on Creation
5Lesson Fifth on Our First Parents
6Lesson Sixth on Sin and its Kinds
7Lesson Seventh on the Incarnation and Redemption
8Lesson Eighth on Our Lord’s Passion, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension
9Lesson Ninth on the Holy Ghost and His Descent Upon the Apostles
10Lesson Tenth on the Effects of Redemption
11Lesson Eleventh on the Church

Explanation of the Baltimore Catechism Volume 4 by Rev. Thomas L. Kinkead
Published by Refuge of Sinners Publishing, Inc., PO Box 100, Pekin, IN, 47165