2017 – Joseph and Margaret Prenosil

On October 31, 2004, CPO lost a true friend and one of our founding Board members, Art Herkenhoff. Art was a hero in all the areas that truly matter: in Faith, family and pro-life involvement. Art had enormous courage in the face of opposition to proclaim the Truth of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church, and he always exhibited true charity, humility and joy. Each year CPO receives many outstanding nominations for the Arthur A. Herkenhoff Award. The Board of Directors chose to present the 2017 Arthur A. Herkenhoff Award to a remarkable married couple, Joseph and Margaret Prenosil.

Joseph and Margaret Prenosil receive 2017 Arthur A. Herkenhoff Award

Joseph and Margaret raised 4 biological children. In 1986 they worked with Catholic Charities and began foster parenting. They still continue to offer loving foster care. They have adopted 7 of these children. All of the children they have fostered and adopted have special needs…some severe. In Sept of ’89, they received 4 month old Nicholas, who has severe physical and mental handicaps. He was the first to be adopted into the family. Nicholas is now 28 yrs old. Margie and Joe have a strong and deep devotion to the Catholic Faith. They provide the best possible home and help for all of their children, providing spiritual, mental and physical growth opportunities every day. With all of the parenting and paperwork, there is very little time for outside volunteer work, but Joe belongs to the Knights of Columbus and has helped with Scouting, too. It would take a thick book to describe all that they have done for these many children, and for all who are employed in their home.

Joseph and Margaret Prenosil received the 13th Arthur A. Herkenhoff Award at the CPO annual Luncheon & Fundraiser held at the Southview Country Club in St. Paul on October 28, 2017.

Fr. Altier, Colleen Perfect, Art Herkenhoff family members with Joseph and Margaret Prenosil


Joseph and Margaret Prenosil with family and friends

The CPO Board of Directors seeks the names of individuals who would be worthy of nomination for the 2018 14th Annual Arthur A. Herkenhoff Award. The persons nominated should exhibit the same qualities, principles and values which characterized the life and person of Art Herkenhoff: Faith, family, pro-life involvement, courage, charity and joy.

Please submit your nomination by October 1, 2018. You may complete the Online Nomination Form at: https://catholicparents.org/official-candidate-nomination-form/ or contact us at 651-705-5409 and we’ll be happy to mail you the form.

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