Divine Mercy Chaplet with Pro-Life Meditations by Fr. Robert Altier

Sung by Vicki Kieppers and Darren Rust

CPO has produced a brand new, original DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET in song, composed by Vicki Kueppers and featuring Pro-Life meditations by Fr. Robert Altier.

Click the play arrow on the audio player below to hear a sample clip:


1. Introduction
2. Opening Prayers
3. First Meditation: Contraception
4. First Decade
5. Second Meditation: In Vitro Fertlization
6. Second Decade
7. Third Meditation: Fetal Stem Cell
8. Third Decade
9. Fourth Meditation: Abortion
10. Fourth Decade
11. Fifth Meditation: Euthanasia
12. Fifth Decade
13. Concluding Prayers
14. Closing Prayer


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