Prom Info – A Good Set of Rules!

You do not have to spend an excessive amount of money to have fun at Prom.
You do not have to rent a limousine for transportation.
You do not have to use alcohol or any other drug to have fun before, during or after Prom.
You should not host or attend a party at a hotel, motel, condo, or cabin after Prom.
You should not host a “sleep over”.
You should talk to your parents and/or date regarding the myth about sexual activity on Prom night.
You have the capability of making Prom a positive memory.
You are responsible for your behavior at Prom.

You are encouraged to place a reasonable limit on Prom expenditures.
You do not have to believe the “everyone is doing it” because they aren’t.
You do have the right to know where you son/daughter is going to be throughout the entire evening.
You do have the right to restrict your son/daughters from attending certain after Prom events such as a “sleep over” and hotel, motel, condo or cabin parties.
You are encouraged to clearly state your expectations about your child’s behavior on Prom night.
You are encouraged to talk to your son/daughter regarding the myth about sexual activity on Prom night.
You may want to meet with other parents and plan safe Prom activities.
You are encouraged to remind your child not to use alcohol or any other drug before, during or after Prom.
You are encouraged to make certain you know your child’s Prom date.
You are encouraged to contact the parents hosting any after Prom party your child may attend.

Dear Parents,
Your children s High School Prom is approaching fast. The following sound and practical information comes from a memo to parents and students from one of our fine Catholic high schools:

This is a formal dance. Girls are to wear long full formal dresses. Full means no midriffs, no strapless, no back or side slits cutting higher than the knee, and no backless dresses. The 2″ rule will be advised (straps must be at least 2″ in width). We realize that you may have already purchased your dress, however if it doesn’t comply with the requirements, find yourself a shawl! Boys must wear a suit or tuxedo, tie, bow tie, or vest required.

The members of the prom committee have worked hard for the benefit of all students. This is an exciting event, and for many, is the highlight of the year. Prom can also be scary and nerve wracking for students and parents if behavior expectations and Prom-related activities are not discussed in advance.

This letter is to encourage a dialogue between the students who will be attending the Prom and their parents or guardians. The dialogue is an opportunity to share concerns, to clarify expectations, and to help make the “Prom experience” a very positive one. This is a school sponsored event, and all school policies as outlined in the Student Handbook will be enforced (e.g., sexual harassment, drugs, tobacco, conduct). Please don’t risk the consequences of violating these policies, especially close to graduation.

All students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner. This event is for the enjoyment of all who attend. Any student who is acting in a disorderly fashion or disrespectful of fellow students, guests and chaperones will be repriur child just as you do. We encourage students to attend the Prom and their parents/guardians to enjoy the Grand March.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school.