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Volume 5: Number 1, Spring 2002
A Publication of Catholic Parents OnLine

For the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine, but, following their own desires, will surround themselves with teachers who tickle their ears. They will stop listening to the truth and will wander off to fables. As for you, be steady and self-possessed; put up with hard-ship, perform your work as an evangelist, fulfill your ministry. (2 Tim. 4:3-5).

President’s Column

There seems to be a lot of confusion among Catholics about what it means for an institution to be called “Catholic.” It seems that if a person doesn’t know what it means for an institution to be Catholic, he probably does not know what it means for a person to be Catholic.

There are a large number of people who call themselves Catholic, yet who also advo-cate for women priests, homosexual unions and “freedom/rights” to choose abortion. Sadly, more than a few do not even believe in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

There is a serious identity crisis within the Church. Catholics do not know what it means to be “Catholic.” As a result, institutions run by these individuals lack the necessary qualities that would define their apostolic work as “Catholic.”

Catholic Parents OnLine was founded in 1998 because of a serious concern parents had about the “safe staff training” workshops being conducted for faculty in most of our Archdiocesan Catholic high schools and the “Gay Straight Alliance support groups” for students questioning their “sexual orientation”. Now 4 years later we continue to uncover and learn just how very critical this problem actually is and how deep the roots go.

Parents Beware…

“Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities” (CPCSM), the group responsible for the sinister “safe staff training” has now completed their so-called “Training Manual”- ready for distribution into our Catholic schools. The CPCSM Training Manual instructs administrators, teachers, librarians, and counselors how to promote the “gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans-gender (GLBT)” agenda in the classroom, projects, school activities and holiday celebrations – as well as how to disregard the parent-factor, and manipulate the language to mislead unsuspecting participants.

“CPCSM” has a philosophy extremely contrary to Catholic Church teaching. They openly dissent from many Catholic Church teachings while diligently working towards their own agenda that would allow “same-sex marriage“.

The really tragic part of all this is – that groups like “CPCSM”, “Dignity”, “New Ways Ministry”, PFLAG” and “Call to Action”, go about their business of dissent, half-truths, recruiting our children… with the blessings of many Catholic clergy. They complicate the entire issue, by twisting the truth and using misguided compassion.

I stand by CPO’s motto, which says: “Maintain the truth lovingly and always love truthfully” (John Paul II), when I encourage you to uphold your parental duty and right to be the primary educator of your children.

Note: We have obtained some information which I cannot print — for fear we would be guilty of scandal.

IMPORTANT – I want to make a clear distinction between the homosexual activists who are promoting their agenda — and those who suffer deeply from SSAD (same-sex attraction disorder) and are seeking help from a legitimate organization such as – Courage, Exodus, NARTH, etc.). Unfortunately, as you may well know, the majority of our society has slowly become desensitized and now believe the lie that men and women with “Same Sex Attraction Disorder” (SSAD) are born that way – that it is a “gift from God” – and that we all must accept and embrace this “alternative lifestyle”. Many unsuspecting Catholics are falling into the dangerous trap that –unless we are “tolerant and compassionate” towards a man and/or woman who has chosen this “lifestyle” — we aren’t being Christ-like. Nonsense! Christ never embraced sin — and no matter how many excuses one makes for his or her immoral choices, such as, “but it is a committed relationship“ or “many Catholics don’t follow the moral teachings of the church, (i.e. birth control) so why should I”? – The bottom line is – sin is sin, plain and simple!

Did I say plain and simple? As one Body of Christ, we care about one another and the Absolute Truth found in Sacred Tradition and Scripture.

CPO was saddened, confused and frustrated to read the following words of Bishop Raymond Lucker (recently deceased) in his article for the “Rainbow Spirit”, Fall 2001 publication of the “Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities”. Here Bishop Lucker is speaking about “Catholic teaching and homosexuality” and offers some excellent points. How-ever, he goes on to say:

“The tenth point I would make deals with probably the most difficult issue of all — homosexual behavior. Official, authentic teaching of the Church says that acting out is against Catholic teaching. This is an application of moral principles; we can spell it out and explain the teaching, and then say it needs to be given respect.

I struggle with this issue. Ultimately the individual has to follow his/her conscience.

Why is it that we can say to married couples that the authentic teaching of the Church is that artificial birth control is wrong, and yet still reach out and welcome every-one in the community, when we know that 85% of Catholic couples don’t follow that teaching. To these people, as Church, we say, well do the best you can – come to the community, come to the Sacraments…”

Bishop Lucker’s entire article can be found on the “CPCSM” Website at: www.mtn.org/~cpcsm/ – see “newsletters”.

Tragically many of our Catholic Churches are hosting speakers for the 2002 “CPCSM Speakers Series”. For instance this month a parish in Minneapolis will feature the self-styled “theologian” Mary Hunt of the Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual (WATER)… According to Mary Hunt: “From a feminist perspective, a sacrament is an act of lifting to public express-ion the everyday life of people because such life is holy. Prayer is sustained attention which does not make the divine present, but simply recognizes it as so.” And here we thought all along that a Sacrament was an outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace – well, will the real Catholic please stand up?!

We recently came across another bit of distressing news. It’s just more proof that those working inside the Catholic Church are out to change things — and they are working overtime on our kids! A couple years ago one our popular Catholic high schools began hosting a “Vocation Awareness Day”. Parents seemed to be very pleased with this event where many good, faithful priests and nuns have been invited to represent the priesthood and religious life while speaking to the students. However, this year they featured a nun by the name of Sister Baya Clare, CSJ, who is a professed “lesbian”. And here again – Sister Baya Clare was featured in the Fall 2001 issue of the “Rainbow Spirit”, published by the “CPCSM”. Sister Baya is now the CPCSM’s part-time office manager. The article also states: “Since last fall Baya has taken part in the WomenJourney Project of New Ways Ministry. As one of the ten lesbian sisters from around the U.S., she is helping to design and implement a process to educate women religious about lesbian sisters and issues that create barriers to their full participation in the life of the community and the Church.”

Why was this nun invited to speak on her vocation to Catholic Students??

Hidden agendas have replaced our holy Sacraments in our Catholic schools.

It’s Catholic opinion that: “The dissenters have turned the Sacraments upside down, so that their power flows from the people and not from God, there is no need for a priesthood to administer them. And, for them, since priests have become superfluous, there is no need for a hierarchy.”


Catholic parents, grandparents and all those who care about the Catholic education of our Children and strive to hand on our treasured Catholic faith – please take off the blinders and know that we have a serious problem within our Catholic institutions of learning. The evidence continues to become clearly obvious — we have bishops, priests, nuns and deacons who are promoting the “gay” lifestyle, covering it up or ignoring it.

The faithful clergy who do speak up are in a very vulnerable situation. The following story is an interview with a holy priest, truly called to his vocation, who says that the current Boston priest scandal is a problem of homosexuality, not pedophilia. This is a very important point, which homosexual apologists are attempting to discredit by separating pedophilia (or more to the point, pederasty) from homosexuality. The fact is that the two are connected. We need to reiterate this point in discussions of priest-pedophile scandals.

The problem is homosexuality, not pedophilia – read on…

3/6/02 -Boston Herald,
1 Herald Square,
Boston, MA, 02106-2096

Priest fears gays in ranks pose threat to Church
by Joe Fitzgerald

He’d just completed a funeral Mass at the bustling parish over which he presides, and now, moments later, removing his collar, that pastoral demeanor quickly vanished, giving way to a bristling anger he made no effort to conceal.
The priesthood hadn’t been his first vocational choice, but it continued tugging at his heart in the corporate world until he finally yielded, entering seminary a few years older than most of his colleagues. To look at him today, well-established in his calling, riding a wave of personal popularity, few would guess how close he came to missing it all, to almost throwing in the towel prior to his ordination.
“Thanks for returning my call,” he said. “I have a take on what’s happening now, something no one else seems anxious to get into, including the people in your business whom I’m angry at, too.
“The papers keep talking about pedophilia. That’s the wrong word. The real issue here is homosexuality. It’s usually heterosexuals who are pedophiles, which is a psychological disorder that has something to do with arrested development, sending them back to an age where they last felt comfortable, identifying with someone who reminds them of themselves.” “Where are you getting this from?” he was asked.
“From friends who are psychologists. John Geoghan? Sure, he was a pedophile. But of all the guys whose names we’re reading now, no more than a couple were pedophiles, a percentage probably con-sistent with the general population. “The majority of these victims were not pre-pubescent; they were young teens, so it had nothing to do with pedophilia. It’s technically called ephebophilia, which is almost exclusively homosexual, and it isn’t about comfort; it’s about sex. “The media don’t like talking about this because, by and large, they have come down on the side of gay rights, the advancement of the gay agenda, so there would be an uncomfortability because, again and again, gays are saying, ‘We’re no threat to children; that’s why we should be Boy Scout leaders, why we should be teachers, why we should be able to adopt.’ That’s always their justification for inter-actions with young people.” “Father,” he was assured, “you’ll be branded a hater.” “I know, so please make sure I’m well-disguised, though if I said all of this in a homily I think people in this parish would be pretty cool with it. “But Lake Street wouldn’t be too happy. The problem is, there’s a sub-culture of gay priests and everyone knows it. I went through seminary with a lot of them and got hit on. And when I reported it, I was harassed to a point where, emotionally, it was very difficult to get ordained. I’m not the only one who had to fight to get through it; I know guys who left because of it. “It was clear there was a cabal tacitly saying, ‘Don’t bother reporting this stuff.’ You wouldn’t believe the self-justifications, like, ‘Well, celibacy only applies to not getting married, so since we’re not getting married we can do whatever we want.’ It was horrible, with a lot of intimidation, but I stayed because I felt this was what God was calling me to do; besides, if I’d walked, they’d have won.” “Why are you telling me all this?” he was asked.
“Because somebody has to talk about the elephant in the middle of our room. But mostly because I’m angry, not just for myself, but for friends of mine who are feeling besmirched, too. Believe me, there are wonderful priests throughout this archdiocese, celibate, faithful, loving the Church and loving God’s people. “The Church is embarrassed by this, and also concerned that if too many are weeded out there’ll be a crisis in our work force because we’re due to lose 70 to 80 guys through retirement in the next few years. “My personal feeling is, I don’t care; we should stand up and be counted, reaffirming the authentic faith. If this element isn’t rooted out, we’re going to see reoccurrences. Vocations will come back; God will take care of that.” Fearing recrimination, he was asked why he doesn’t rally those colleagues he claims to represent, perhaps issuing a joint statement, since there’s strength in numbers? “That may happen,” he replied. “I’m touching base with many of them because we know what needs to be said. But right now I just don’t know what to do.” (See article at: www2.bostonherald.com/news/columnists/fitz03062002.htm)


In 1987, a homosexual magazine called “Guide” published an article that laid out a detailed plan for selling the normalization of homosexuality through the mass media.

The article, “The Overhauling of Straight America,” was eventually expanded into a full-length book called “After the Ball: How America will conquer its fear & loathing of Gays in the 90’s.”

Authors Marshall Kirk and Erastes Pill, writing in the “Guide” article, stated:
“In the early stages of any campaign to reach straight America, the masses should not be shocked and repelled by premature exposure to homosexual behavior itself.

Instead, the imagery of sex should be downplayed and gay rights should be reduced to an abstract social question as much as possible. First let the camel get his nose inside the tent-only later his unsightly derriere!”

The plan was — and still is — to present the controversy surrounding homosexuality as a civil rights issue, that is to be promoted in the name of sexual freedom by legislated law, and taught to our young adults and children in school as a diversity issue.

Yes, homosexuality cast in the mumbo-jumbo of sexual orientation, and the pleading for tolerance, where none is deserved, is being taught to our children. Thereby, the homosexual’s plan is to have societal and legal acceptance of a proven compulsive and lethal addiction, the most bizarre and obscene sexual practices, as commonplace in the social fabric of the nation.

Kirk and Pill note: “In any campaign to win over the public, gays must be cast as victims in need of protection so that straights will be inclined by reflex to assume the role of protector.”

Kirk and Pill also recommend smearing their enemies, comparing them to the KKK and Nazis (and now Christians as Talibans). They write: “To be blunt, they must be vilified. We intend to make the anti-gays look so nasty that average Americans will want to dissociate themselves from such types.”

This homosexual plan is designed to hide the facts about homosexual behavior and to portray homosexuals as victims. This plan to vilify their enemies has been wildly successful.

*To read “The Overhauling of Straight America,” go to: “The Overhauling of Straight America”

Voices of Sanity Speak Out!

Prominent Psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Spitzer, Announces New Study Results: “Some Gays CAN Change”

In May, 2001 at the annual American Psychiatric Association (APA) convention, psychiatrist Dr. Robert Spitzer announced the results of a new study on homosexuality. Efforts to change sexual orientation can- -in some men and women–apparently produce significant success.


NEW YORK, Oct. 19 (LSN.ca) – Two extensive studies appearing in the October, 2000 issue of the American Medical Association’s Archives of General Psychiatry confirm a strong link between homosexual sex and suicide as well as a relationship between homosexuality and emotional and mental problems.

A study using 103 pairs of twins, one a practicing homosexual and the other not, found that homosexual behavior significantly increased the likelihood of suicide even after adjustments were made for substance abuse and depression. The practicing homosexual twin was over 5 times more likely to experience the suicidal symptoms. The study conducted by Richard Herrell et al. measured suicide risk in terms of the categories: “wanted to die,” “suicidal ideation,” “attempted suicide,” and “thoughts about death.” The study was unique for its thorough co-twin control design and its use of the most widely used instrument in psychiatric epidemiology, the Diagnostic Interview Schedule. (See the study at: archpsyc.ama-assn.org/subs/login.html)

A second study in the journal by David M. Ferguson and his team found that “gay, lesbian, and bisexual young people are at an increased risk of psychiatric disorder and suicidal behaviors.” The youth suffering from these disorders were 4 times as likely as their peers to suffer major depression, almost three times as likely to suffer generalized anxiety disorder, nearly 4 times as likely to experience conduct disorder, 5 times as likely to have nicotine dependence, 6 times as likely to suffer multiple disorders, and over 6 times as likely to have attempted suicide.

The study was based on a 21-year longitudinal study of a birth cohort of 1265 children born in Christchurch, New Zealand. Of 1007 subjects questioned only twenty-eight (2.8%) were classified as being gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

Note: At a recent “speaker luncheon” sponsored by the Archdiocesan “Office of Marriage and Family life/ Faith in Action“, Dr. Peter Rudegeair (psychologist), declared that heterosexual adolescences who are prematurely sexually active, are 4 to 5 times more likely to commit suicide because they tend to view themselves as sexual objects not as persons, causing depression.


In our last “News On The Line” we helped uncover parts of the insidious, harmful, explicit sex education curriculum, “Growing in Love”. Thank you for writing letters of concern to the Bishops and others. I’m sorry to report that many of the responses received have not satisfied the concerned parents and grandparents. When we get responses that state, “It’s alright because “Growing in Love” carries an imprimatur”– IT IS NOT OKAY! In years past, carrying an imprimatur was usually a stamp of approval, but nowadays it doesn’t always guarantee solid Catholic teaching. Many times an Imprimatur is given after a review of only selected materials, parts that carry authentic Catholic teaching. (i.e. quotes from the Catechism). The questionable portions are left out! Are dissenters serving on review committees?

Shame on those who defend this horrible program which includes material capable of actually raping the innocent minds of our children!

As far as we know nothing has been done in this Archdiocese to get rid of “GIL” in the parishes and schools which have it. However, one good priest stopped it at his parish school after a parent brought it to his attention. Parents, it is your place to know what your children are taught – good priests will agree with you.

Good News!
The New Orleans Archdiocese Forbids Growing In Love Supplements

As you may know, the “Growing in Love” elementary school sex ed program contains four texts per grade: student text, teaching guide, teacher’s program resource book and the family resource book. Only one of the texts, the student text has received approval from the U.S. Bishops Ad Hoc Committee on the use of the Catechism. This approval is limited and DOES NOT indicate approval for the sexual content or the age-appropriateness of the material, which the committee noted at the November 1999 national conference meeting that it did not have the capability of reviewing.

Coadjutor Archbishop of New Orleans, Archbishop Alfred Hughes is a member of this committee. After concerns expressed by Catholics in his Archdiocese armed with detailed information about “Growing in Love”, the Archdiocese issued a memo to parishes and schools forbidding them from purchasing any “GIL” material other than the student text, noting that even though the other material had an imprimatur, that it went “beyond what the Church had in mind.”

Also, in the Diocese of Syracuse, New York a memo permitted the use of 3 of the 4 texts in GIL, excluding only the family resource book. Later, in a newspaper interview, the Superintendent of Catholic schools also added that the teacher’s program resource book was not to be used, thankfully removing 50% of the “GIL” program, but permitting the use of the teaching guide. The teaching guide delivers sensitive sexual content to pre-adolescent children, including describing in graphic detail sexual intercourse to 10-year-old children and introducing the topic of “sexual intercourse” to 8 year old children. One reason for the archdiocese’s change of course, is that the archdiocese’s education office was impressed by the “GIL” critiques prepared by Jimmy Seghers, founder of Totus Tuus Ministries, and one by Tulane University psychiatrist Dr. John Thompson “whose professional credentials are a mile long.” (See Seghers’ web site, www.totustuus.com).

For more examples of “GIL” text, check out our last newsletter on our Website at: Spring 2001 Issue

More Good News!

Courage is an apostolate of the Roman Catholic Church whose purpose is to minister to those with same-sex attractions and their loved ones. Courage has been endorsed by the Pontifical Council for the Family. Courage began in New York almost 20 years ago, and now has chapters worldwide. We are grateful to Archbishop Harry Flynn for starting a Courage chapter in our Archdiocese. The chapter here is named “Faith in Action” and the contact is: Fr. John LeVoir, 651- 455-1302 or Kathy Laird, Office of Marriage and Family Life 651- 291-4438.

Note: Encourage is a ministry within Courage dedicated to the spiritual needs of parents, siblings, children, and other relatives and friends of persons who have same-sex attractions.

"At the 13th annual Courage Conference in Chicago, IL. Colleen Perfect, President of CPO with Fr. John Harvey and Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR - founders of Courage."

“At the 13th annual Courage Conference in Chicago, IL. Colleen Perfect, President of CPO with Fr. John Harvey and Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR – founders of Courage.”


Last August I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the 13th annual Courage Conference in Chicago, IL. The 3-day conference consisted of daily Mass, prayer time, Confession, fun social time and excellent presentations given by priests, psychologists, men and women who have experienced the suffering, hope and healing of same-sex attraction disorder -SSAD. One thing that truly impressed me was the great prayerfulness and reverence for God and the Blessed Sacrament shown by the men and women of Courage. Courage members strive daily to live out these 5 goals:

  • Live chaste lives in accordance with the Roman Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality. (Chastity)
  • Dedicate ones life to Christ through service to others, spiritual reading, prayer, meditation, individual spiritual dir-ection, frequent attendance at Mass, and the frequent reception of the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist. (Prayer and Dedication)
  • Foster a spirit of fellowship in which all may share thoughts and experiences, and so ensure that no one will have to face the problems of homosexuality alone. (Fellowship)
  • Be mindful of the truth that chaste friendships are not only possible but necessary in a chaste Christian life and in doing so provide en-couragement to one another in forming and sustaining them. (Support)
  • Live lives that may serve as good examples to others. (Good Example)

by Jean Stepan

The speakers centered on always seeing the person rather than labeling people because of certain personality traits. Male or female, married or single, young or old, able or disabled, we are all persons made in the image of God. I think of Matthew, the speakers brother, “He’s not ‘retarded’ or ‘obsessive-compulsive;’ he’s my brother.”

The Courage program emphasizes the humanity of man: we are all broken in some way; we are all sinners. It is in our brokenness and weakness that we meet God and find His grace through the sacraments of reconciliation and the Eucharist.

I was keenly aware of the generosity of the priests of Courage. Pouring themselves out to the end without regard to their own interests or comfort. This is the face of love.

I witnessed the joy and the peace that is evident when one lives as a follower of Christ. These are holy people striving toward the goal of Heaven. And especially I saw the joy and value of good friendships in our lives. Friends can help us to grow in holiness.

Participant Angelo spoke of the awesome power of prayer in his conversion, which was due to the prayers of his mother! We must remember to never stop praying, even if we do not live to see the fruits of the prayer. What a blessing this experience was!

(Note: See the Courage web site at: www.couragerc.net). It‘s shameful how “CPCSM” and other so-called “Catholic” homosexual activist groups continually condemn good groups like Courage.)

Networking with Parents… Do you know people who would benefit from information of “GLBT-CPCSM” activities glaring in the face of children and grandchildren at their schools?

If so, schedule a meeting with CPO to discuss:
1. How/when the infiltration began; 2. What it has become; 3. How it affects young minds and the future of the Church; 4.What we must do.

CPO attempts to get the word out by meeting in homes to educate, alert and awaken whoever is confused, disenchanted or unaware of trends and hidden agendas. As the primary educators of children, parents need all the information they can get; other leaders are secondary in the role of education. Therein, to combat errors, let us share our experiences and needs alongside Church teachings. For assistance, call on CPO for a meeting. 952-882-6704

From the CPO Mail Bag:

Dear CPO,
How can I determine whether or not our parish school, is using the “Growing in Love” series? With the adverse publicity this series is re-ceiving I hesitate to contact the school directly because I might get the proverbial run around if they are, in fact, using it…Please advise. Thanks.

Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you for the wonderful job you are doing mobilizing parents and focusing them to be able to DO something about these types of horrible things encroaching into our very Catholic institutions. I am wondering if you do reviews in general, and whether you offer recommendations for parents. How can a school just decide themselves when a child is ready to hear certain in-formation. Isn’t that the parent’s job? And MUST they be given specific “sexual instructions”, especially in activities contrary to the Church’s teachings? We are wondering, now that our son is just turned 8 years of age, what we can use at home to teach him about such mat-ters, in a Catholic way… Any advice you would have would be well appreciated. Thank you, in advance, for your time and consideration. Please put me on your mailing list!

Thank you for the update. Last year I removed my children from a diocesan elementary school (and resigned from the school board as well) because of the required participation in a sex-ed program using the Benziger Family Life materials. Parents with conscientious objections were treated as if they were out of their minds. Do the bishops understand why parents feel so strongly about this matter?

Thank you for the info on the evils of this “Growing in Love” Series. I think it is important for parents to be made aware of what their children are being taught. We can no longer assume that because it is being taught in a Catholic School System, that it is in line with the Church’s Teachings. We all know this is no longer the case, and we have to become vigilant and take the time to learn what is actually been taught.

We love your web site – thanks so much for having it available. Not long ago, you had some articles pertaining to Harry Potter, but now I don’t see them at your web site. With the recent controversies over the Harry Potter movies, I was wondering where I could find those articles archived at your web site? Thanks so much and God bless.

Dear Colleen:
I have just browsed a bit through your web site and am heartened that there is a group of parents who are as disgusted with sex education in our schools. We have been blessed with finding a great Catholic School for our younger children (K-8). I have recently been elected as a member of the PTC board and we are currently looking for someone whom we can trust to speak at our meetings on the topic of raising children. Do you have any names of qualified people in our area and/or suggestions for us?

Hello Colleen,
I mailed you the other day after watching your cable T.V. show. Thanks for the help in finding your info on Confession. It was helpful. I have another question I was hoping you could help me with. Any information would be helpful to me. Thank you again. Also, tell me when your show is on again. I so enjoyed it and learned from it as well.

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